About The Patient

just a regular guy with knee pain

Hi, I’m Joe, and I had successful Osgood-Schlatter knee surgery.

OSD Patient

I’ve created this website to help others who have Osgood-Schlatter Disease and are contemplating having OSD surgery or any knee surgery for that matter.

This website includes the key information you should know before having knee surgery. This website covers my experience from diagnosis through physical therapy.

That is a picture of my knee prior to surgery. You can see the bone ossicles in the patellar tendon that were causing the knee pain.

Osgood-Schlatter Disease knee x-ray

About Me

Adolescent Knee Pain

Like most patients, I developed Osgood-Schlatter Disease, also known as OSD, in middle school. The pain in my knee never really went away as I became an adult. After injuring my knee in my late twenties, my pain level became worse, and I decided to have surgery.

My Work

I manage LeaseRunner, a web application for tenant screening and online leasing. I never really worked in construction, landscaping, or anything extremely physical, so I do not think that my occupation was a factor in my condition. However, I have always been active in sports and recreational activities.

About... You!

After running this site for a few years, I've learned quite a bit about you.

  • You are most likely from the U.S.A., United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia.
  • You are probably in your late twenties or thirties. It is less likely that you are over 40 or under 20.
  • You played a lot of sports as kid, particularly soccer, but also other sports that involve running.
  • You still play sports today, or you work in a job that is physically demanding.
  • You are experiencing pain, discomfort, and limited activities.
  • You have tried RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), but it does not solve the problem.
  • You might have talked to a surgeon who may have been reluctant to perform surgery.

See, I do know you! I was just like you before I had surgery.

There is hope for you yet.