Frequently Asked Questions

what you want to know


 Q.  If you could turn back time, would you have the surgery again?

 A.  Yes.

 Q.  Are you fully recovered?

 A.  Yes.

 Q.  How much did the surgery cost?

 A.  I get asked this all the time. Please see surgery cost for how to order a cost breakdown for a small fee.

 Q.  How long was the recovery time?

 A.  Physical therapy started three weeks after surgery. It took 6-12 months to "fully" heal. For more detail on recovery, click here. For more detail on one year later, click here.

 Q.  Did you get your tibia bump shaved?

 A.  No. See my paragraph regarding shaving the tibia here.

 Q.  Should I have surgery on both knees at once?

 A.  No. That will make life very hard for the first few months after surgery.

 Q.  Can you recommend a surgeon for me?

 A.  I only know the surgeon I used. See contact.

 Q.  How long did you do physical therapy?

 A.  Almost three months. For more detail, click here.

 Q.  Do you still have your knee bump?

 A.  Yes, but my bump is slightly smaller and does not hurt.

 Q.  My knee hurts. What's wrong with it?

 A.  I don't know. I'm not a doctor.