Knee Surgery Physical Therapy

exercise leads to success

Scar Therapy

Not long after having the stitches removed, I began scar therapy with a massage therapist. Since my body tends to produce bad keloid scars, I enlisted the help of a massage therapist to minimize the scaring.

This was on my own accord. I never asked the surgeon about scar therapy. The scar therapy included rigorous massage of the scars to prevent binding. The massage can be quite painful. I was instructed on how to massage my own scars in between sessions.

I massaged the scars every other day for a few weeks or so. Over time, the pain of the massage lessons, along with the effect of the massage. I reached a natural point to drop the therapy. I’m happy to report that this really worked. I have no keloid scars from the surgery, and the scars that are there are barely visible after one year.

Physical Therapy

My physical therapy exercises included the following weight training. Exercises were performed without weight at first. Weight was increased over time.

  • Step ups. Lots and lots of step ups.
  • Step downs
  • Other step variations
  • Lunges
  • Leg extensions
  • Hamstring curls
  • Leg press
  • Squats
  • Adductors and abductors

Other Exercises

I was assigned and progressed through the following in order as my knee recovered:

  • Gentle biking
  • Moderate biking
  • Gentle running
  • Moderate running
  • Rigorous biking
  • Rigorous running

My supervised physical therapy lasted over almost three months. I continued the exercises after my official therapy ended.

A Note About Pushing Too Hard

Please note that I never pushed through pain for the sake of physical therapy. I was never advised to do so, either.

I listened to my body and worked with it, not against it. I mention this because I have emailed with some of you who seem to believe that the harder you push in physical therapy, the faster you will recover. This is not my experience and not what was recommended to me. Doing so is more likely to set back your recovery.